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My philosophy is simple: good quality and cutting edge historical and literary research should be available to all. Academic publications, whilst the lifeblood of the humanities, are often inaccessible to the general public, due to limitations on library access, price, and sometimes the required style and tone of the publications. As a writer, I aim to reach as broad an audience as possible, so that anyone interested can read my work without the barriers of prohibitive expense or obfuscation that can circumscribe great research.

In an age in which we are all encouraged by mass-marketers to read short articles on our iPhones, rather than sit down and read a full-length article or book, I feel that making well-researched but entertaining and accessible material available to all is more important than ever.

Similarly, although it is a cliché that we should look to the past to understand the present, this maxim has taken on a new and pressing significance in the world of ‘fake news’ and targeted search results. It is now more important than ever to understand history, lest it be falsified and exploited by populist politicians or protest movements.

Ultimately, however, if my work can take a reader’s mind off the tedium of everyday life or inspire them to read further into a subject,  it will have achieved its aim.